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My baby won’t stop crying!

True Horror Stories

My baby won’t stop crying!


Something is terribly wrong. My baby won’t stop crying It’s more of a scream than a cry. You know, the kind of cry that makes a parent go cold. I am new at being a mom, but the first time I heard my baby cry like this sent chills through me. I just knew my baby was dying. But it wasn’t, it was moving around normally and so I just sat with it and rocked it. Eventually it stopped crying and fell asleep.

That was a few months ago. I thought it was a fluke, like maybe my baby had gas or something. But it wasn’t because now my baby won’t stop scream crying. It wails and cries over and over again. I feel like my baby is being tormented by something or someone. I have gone to the doctor with it, a dozen times but it doesn’t cry when we are there. The doctor says everything looks good. He advised me to keep a diary of what foods I might be eating, in the chance that my foods are upsetting my baby’s sensitive belly.

I felt awful leaving the doctor’s office, in spite of the weird look he was giving me, because he was a comfort to me and my baby. I just felt like when he was listening to it, that it was ok. But mostly, he kept the cries at bay. My baby must have a crush on him. I know I do, but only because his office was the only place I didn’t hear my baby wailing. The quiet was so wonderful.

I think it’s been about 3 months since I have slept more than two hours at a time. My mom told me to sleep when the baby sleeps, so that is what I do…but I wish the baby would sleep more. The most she ever sleeps is 2 hours and I am lucky she does that. But my dreams are filled with nightmares. Nightmares of my tears from being told that I couldn’t have kids. Nightmares of weird doctors and odd fertility offices and wacky procedures. I didn’t want to do any of these crazy things, especially the practices of my husband’s religious witch doctor.

But my husband wanted his own baby. A baby that will have his eyes and my smile. So I agreed to the midnight ceremony deep in the basement of an abandoned cathedral. I don’t know what happened there, I mean, bits and pieces come back to me in my sleep but right when I feel like I am close to the answers my baby starts wailing and wakes me up. And now the wails are keeping my stubborn husband up as well. As well as the neighbors.

They have pounded on my apartment door, begging me to help that baby. Screaming at me! One finally accused me of child abuse and called the cops on us. The cops were so confused when they heard nothing coming from the nursery. They saw my baby moving around and knew right away that something is not normal here but not in an abuse kind of way. But they did call social services on me. Social services did nothing, I mean what can they do…? My apartment is clean, I am not on drugs and the doc told them my baby was in perfect health.

So my husband found us a little motel and moved us in to the room farthest away from any other people. He is scaring me though. He just kneels in front of us, praying and begging me for forgiveness. He has changed his mind about having his own baby. He begs me to just get rid of it. He says he can’t take it’s screaming anymore. And the louder it scream cries the louder he prays. I pray too, because I honestly want my baby. This is a miracle, everything about my baby is a miracle. I mean even if I were to ponder the thought of killing my baby, how would we do it? It doesn’t matter though, those thoughts come during my weakest times and deep down I could not live without my baby.

But last night my sweet loving baby bit me. I knew it was a bite, I mean you can just tell when something is biting you. I don’t know how this is possible, because it doesn’t have teeth yet. But the blood is there. A simple red streak reminding me that where I go from here, will change the lives of everyone around me. My blood freaked my husband out. He ran to the store and brought back a big knife, some blankets and newspapers. He says he is not going to let this wailing baby kill me. He says he loves me too much.

I told him I called the doctor and that the doctor promised he would force me into labor next week. And I finally convinced him to not cut my baby out of me. I mean we both wanted a baby so bad and I am so close now. I mean I only have to listen to it screaming for 5 more days. I have listened to it for 5 months now, 5 more days is nothing. He agreed, now I only wish it would stop biting me.

True Horror Stories

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